The Independent - Mark Hix recipes: Our chef transforms popcorn with the help of chilli, chicken and salmon - 24/05/2014
In all my many years of working in food, I've never actually made popcorn. It's not that I don't like it – it is simply that I never thought to. That all changed recently, when my friend, the chef Mitch Tonks, sent me a popcorn machine from The Popcornist. Read more

James McIntosh's Blog - 16/02/2014
If you thought popcorn was a passing fad, think again! It is popping up in pre-packaged gourmet form everywhere and becoming the latest must have bar snack favourite for upmarket restaurants and gastropubs. Read more

Country & Town House - Web Watch: The Popcornist - 10/02/2014
This quirky new website is out there to show that far from being frivolous, popcorn is something we’ll be seeing more of. Encouraging readers not to fork out on the pricey, prepackaged (and often, bland) stuff, The Popcornist provides all the infomation you could need to create your own tasty snack. Read more