Mark’s recipe shows that popcorn toppings can be an ingenious (and oh so delicious) way to use up leftovers. So why not experiment?

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Trust chef, restaurateur and writer, Mark Hix to put a quintessentially British spin on our favourite snack with a topping that will fill your kitchen with the comforting aromas of a traditional Sunday roast. Marvellous!


Serves 1-2 people

30g popcorn kernels
14g chicken skin (leftovers are perfect for this!)
30ml chicken juices from a roast
A couple of sprigs of rosemary
Rosemary salt and black pepper to season



Put the chicken skin on a baking tray with the rosemary under a medium to hot grill for 6-7 minutes, turning as its cooking, until it’s wonderfully crisp.


In a separate pan, heat the chicken juices, boiling away any excess liquid until you are left with a wonderfully sticky chicken reduction.


Toss the popped corn quickly in the juices and mix in the crispy chicken skin and rosemary. Add a few twists of rosemary salt and black pepper to taste.


Enjoy while it’s still warm with good friends and a bottle of white Burgundy.

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Mark Hix's pop philosophy

Like us, Mark believes popcorn is much more than a cinema snack:

“I'm not going to be taking my own flavoured popcorn to the cinema in case that's what you're thinking or watching movies at home with a bucket of savoury corn and a pint of cola, oh no it's going to appear on the snacks menu in Mark’s bar, imagine beef dripping and sea salt popcorn with a Dirty Black Cow martini!” Yes please!

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